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I have always enjoyed photojournalism and I believe some of the best are from El Salvador.

One of them is good friend Francisco Campos, he is the head foto editor of La Prensa Gráfica, yet started taking photos during the civil war while working with Comandos de Salvamento.
I will probably be trying to sponsor them one way or another when I do IronMan I hope.

I wish I had the photo of Campos delivering a baby in the back of a comandos ambulance.

Francisco article Here in Español.

Here in English.

He let me borrow his Canon G-10 so I could document the Comandos Rescue simulation at Playa Mahajual.


Francisco Campos @ Base Central of Comandos de Salvamento

Articulo de lo mejor fotoperiodista del mundo imho.

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Bout ready to take a trip to San Salvador.  I had to update this blog since I have not posted to it lately.  I am getting donated gear for comandos de salvamento from Wenatchee Valley clinic. Thanks Damaris! Donations include, some splints, needles, gauze, iodine swabs, foley caths, and some gloves.  Fotos will be posted to the flicker link on the right. I will be staying in Mejicanos and in San Bartolo, but mostly at Base Central of the comandos located below.  I will be in Guatemala for a bit also, but only three days.

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That’s right F@#k you Kuato. I am running a Marathon soon.
I ran 17.7822 miles tonight. 3 hrs 42 mins.

@ 1 hr downed a gel and some powerade.I floored for about 45 mins after the gel WHOAaa!

@ 1 hr 30, a Clif Bar and some powerade. pissed.

@ 2 hrs pissed.

@2.45 pissed, another gel, and some powerade.

@ 320 Clif Bar Powerade

@ 325-340-Powerade, legs hurt bad, as in walking on stilts–my legs with no feet, ankles felt swelled.

Here is a map of the run.

April 21st is the Marathon.
In March I am going to El salvador for 3 weeks to have some fun, and elections! Guate too for about 4 days.

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Well I busted out a 100 mile bike and I also busted my ass.

It took me about 6 hrs and 50 minutes and averaged about 14 mph.

I left Lincoln park around 730 and about 1 hr 20 minutes into the ride, when i hit Entiat, I accidently reset my new bike computer! I was pissed.

About 11 miles north of Entiat I peeled off my facemask, fleece gloves, and long sleeve shirt.

Baby Powder break too.

I cruised through chelan towards Wells Dam.  This was a long haul.

Baby Powder break.

Turn around wells damn. Hard time getting off bike. Took a break. ( I had past the first 2 break points).

A pro biking group from Seattle, kept on passing me, and they were taking breaks. 8(

I had about 40 miles to go, @ about 70 miles I started to cry. Body hurt so much and I was thinking of Ironman 2010. I could not see the end and my legs were in pain if I stopped peddling, and in pain if I peddled.- a total doublebind.

Break area @ about 80. Good break.

Baby Powder.

Off to Orondo. More positive.

Break in Orondo. 10 miles to go!

Baby Powder.

I could see Turtle Island in the distance so I knew the end was near.  Spirits are up!

Finish. IN pain.

No happiness, no sadness. Just pain. Ate some chicken and could barely drive home using the clutch.

Friend told me it was elactic acid build up in my legs.

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About 2 years ago had a wonderful trip with my loving wife to San Francisco. Was thinking about that trip today.  Her brother Jesé is coming up and we are excited!


Fish in a chinatown aquarium.

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