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My acoustic neuroma recovery.

When your happy and you know it clap your hands, :clap:clap:


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Well, I’ve had the domain killkuato.comĀ  for awhile so I thought I would turn that 2 1/2 year old page into a blog.

I am migrating all my entries of Dx and Tx to this blog along with triathlon entries on a personal blog.

If you would like to read my diary about my Acoustic Neuroma (Kuato),
please start with the first post here, and click in the upper right, as in “mono maiden”, to continue to the next entry.Pues, ya habia comprado el dominio ya hace 2.5 anyos, asi mejor lo convierto en un blog.

Poco a poco voy a estar anyidiendo entradas desde

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Wednesday, March 28, 10:22 PM – marco:

have not updated in quite awhile.

I went hiking for first time in long time. subtle balance problems on the way down.

Had a fun performance review at work today.
Below expectations on “communication”.

“Needs to learn to listen better”

Leaving this current job I believe would save what little dignity I have left.

I am still not “as sharp” as before but I think I am at about 85% to 90% recovered.

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Monday, February 16, 9:52 PM – marco:

Been training for a Marathon and Half Iron Man for April and July 2009. Starting to enjoy music again.

ya I bought a nano. I need a one eared earphone though.

Vertigo is slightly there, stronger on the bike..

This is the last post I will be entering on

for now, everything will be tranferring to via wordpress

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Friday, September 05, 2:32 PM – marco:

I finished 2 olympic size triathlons this summer.

considering doing the Seattle Marathon.

mi vida

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