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My acoustic neuroma recovery.

Wednesday, April 30, 7:31 PM – marco:

I finished a half marathon a few weeks ago. 2:07

I am planning to do an Olympic size Triathlon this summer.

Feeling ok, and losing weight.!

Had a routine MRI last week and seeing speech therapist.

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Thursday, March 27, 3:11 PM – marco:

I am doing my first Duathlon this Saturday! 3 mile run, 18 bike, 3 mile run.

Will see if I get dizzy and fall off the road!

Entry here.

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Monday, January 07, 5:41 PM – marco:

Wife had a miscarriage last December.  We are doing ok now and looking forward to Spring 2008.  Went Snowcamping this last Weekend. Built Igloos.  I am almost getting to the stage now I believe, where I have accepted my hearing loss and have been welcomed into the world of MONO.

In the trench ready to hit the sack. January 2008.

In the trench ready to hit the sack. January 2008.

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Monday, January 15, 1:58 PM – marco

Doing very well., Just lazy. Sleeping in too much.
Want to start exercise soon.
I found out at a kids bday party yesterday, that noisy rooms can be overwhelming with one ear.
It was making me tired.

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This time last year I was in Culver City @ the Brotman hospital recovering from a Brain surgery done by the infamous Dr. Shahinian. The tumor took my left hearing with it. Luckily I will be able to hear saxoch in Wen’s tummy with my right ear. saxoch is the name until we find out what sex it is when born- ol fashion like*)

For more information on the tumor voyage I took with wen and my family see thestatus and go to “visit a patient page”. For username type h and password biologyfly06.Este tiempo exacto hace un año estaba yo en Culver City Los Angeles donde hospital Brotman recuperandome de un
cirugia de los cesos para quitarme un tumor. El Doctor fue el famoso Dr. Shahinian.

El tumor me causo de ser sordo al lado izquierda. Gracias a Dios voy a poder oir saxoch en la panza de Wen con mi derecha. Saxoch se llama el bebe hasta que nazca-asi como los epocas viejas-de no abrir el paquete antes la navidad *) Para mas informacion del viaje del tumor anda a thestatus y anda al pagina en español. Para usario tecla h and codigo biologyfly06.

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