Leveled manual to about 7. 7-12 botted. Overnight. Played bout 2 hrs on 12.
Levels 5-14 botted around hogger loop.

Now created large loop around Westfall.

Will see how he goes.
Having probs vendoring.

“Item is in need of repair: “Patchwork Armor”
Doing food/water with “Innkeeper Farley”
* Exception in GlideThread: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
at Glider.Common.Objects.GItem.get_IsProtected()
at Glider.Common.Objects.GItem.get_IsSellable()
at Glider.Common.Objects.GPlayerSelf.GetBagCollection(GItemBagAction BagAction)
at ag.c()
at ag.c(GUnit A_0)
at ag.a(GLocation A_0)
at ag.w()
at ag.q()
at ag.v()

Finally learned how to loot and skin. Cannot Herb yet.

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