ya wtf that’s what I said.  I figure if I’m gonna make the cutoff and have plenty of time for the IM “run”-I gotta kick it in, I think I averaged 14.5 mph, took a few breaks, 1/2 subway chicken sandwich @ 70 Miles, 5x GU, and 10 big bottles of Accelerade/gatorade/water. 2 Salt tablets, and 2k Tylenole, 1k at about 75 and the other at about 95. Pinched nerve behind right scalpula flared up here and there, but was ok. Rained gushes outside Ephrata on the way back. Total time at about the 112 mark was about 8:30 I think, but had breaks here and there, total time was about 9:15 @ 120.

Then ran like a 500 yard “brick”, My neck felt numb.

map here. Round trip of course.

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