Well, winding up the season…

This was not my strongest Olympic, and my left ball of my foot where the sesamoid footbones are located was screaming bloody murder the night before, my toe tendon was like frozen in pain and I could not flex it.  I leaped through the run and had a crappy time. I asked where my wife was at the end, and she stated, “Well, Arina and I were admiring this 79 yo lady go through the finish line and she said to me, Hey Wen, there is Mark behind her”. 8(

I washumbled yet again, by “kidney man”, a 60 something athlete that donated a kidney to not afamily member but to the wife of a coworker! I shook his hand and wondered why I was whining about my toe.  I also saw the gal who got last place @ chelanman half iron. I waved to her and clapped her on as I was coming into the finish…she was just starting the run.

I may do the apple capitol again, then wind it down..or maybe, if I shoot an Elk this year..another half iron.  Depends on the money though since I want to buy a new bike and am considering a cervelo I saw a fellow triathlete had bought.

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