Woot, I have been permanently banned from WoW. Check out the penalty volcano, Oh My ohh MY!

My characters are gone. My main account also. 70 Disc Priest.

I think they caught me using glider either on a alt hunter, or tracing mails back to my mage mule on the trial account. For Blizzards disciplinary pyramid see here.

Oh well, was half hoping to get banned also. To rid me of the damn game!

I had even gotten a hand slapped warning a couple months ago:

Account Action: Warning
Offenses: Harassment Policy Violation – Inappropriate
This category includes both clear and masked language which:
* Is a mildly inappropriate reference to human anatomy or bodily functions
* Is otherwise considered objectionable

Details (Note – Times are listed in Greenwich Mean Time, GMT):
2008/02/23 22:43:21 (GMT) – S$%#on@ whispers Player “dude were doing escort asshole”
I was so pist at this pally for jamming near the end of RFK i think,.he gets his blue and jams. I told him off.

My bud who started playing same time I did is selling his if you are interested: 600 bux. link here.

This is a heavily played account, account started on the day of WOW launch: Nov 23rd, 2004. All characters are on PVP servers and are eligible to be transferred. All characters have epic ground mounts (most have multiples)Highlights of the account are:

Lvl 70 Draenai shaman – 375bs/375mining, Epic Flyer, good enhancement suit (Dragonmaw, 10/25man epics) and alternate ele(kara epics) and resto (1300healing, kara epics/heroics)suits.
Lvl 70 Night Elf hunter – 375alch/375herb about half the discovery recipes, regular flying mount, kara and heroic/badge epic geared.
Lvl 70 Blood Elf mage – 375tailor/375herb regular flying mount, ~900+dmg, full spellfire and spellstrike suits, kara/pvp epics.
Lvl 70 Undead Warlock – 370tailor, Epic Flyer, ~1000+dmg in pve gear. Full suit of s1 and entry level pvp gear. ~2500 banked arena points and ~30k banked honor for season 4.

Account also has lvl 63 tauren warrior, decked out in pre-expansion teir2 and Naxx tanking gear (lots of fun pre xpac stuff; AQ mount, claw set from ZG that gives the tiger transformation buff, lots more). Lvl 63 dwarf rogue, Lvl 61 gnome warrior.

Account also has a few bank alts owning guilds with 2-3 guild bank slots purchased. TONS of crafting materials, consumables, extra gear etc. on all characters.

If interested please contact me through craigslist email. I can show you the characters in game, or look through the armory profiles. Would consider part/full trade for xbox360 or ps3. I would also be willing to meet in person, I think most people would feel better about a sale for intellectual property when they can MEET IN PERSON!!

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