Did another Duathlon today. The Moses Lake Spring festival. I used my green machine bike I built, and FLEW!
I actually felt ok during the 2nd run too! The bike was actually better than my first duathlon. I had to do that on my mountain bike, and it was an 18 mile bike, not a short 12 like todays.

I have been working out between alternating biking and running up a canyon hill behind my home. It has really built up my resiliency, and made the whole physical and mental aspects of the duathlon, EASIER!, Fotos soon..

Afterwards I went Carp Bow fishing with my dad around Marsh Island. Bowfishing has been a family past time for the last 25 years. Separate post soon.
Here are some images of the event. My father had the opportunity to use his photography skills with the D100.

Before the race. There were not a lot of Duathloners. More fun run types.

Pictured are me, Brian, my IronMan friend who got me into this insane sport, and his two step sons Peter and Dane.

Coming in from the 12 mile bike to the transition area. I had just thrown my biking gloves to my dad.

Dropping off the bike, and back to the 3 mile run. Last part!
Finish! My goal was to beat Brian’s 14 yo son. The only reason I beat him was because of the transitions. He had to take off his running shoes, and put on his biking shoes twice!

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