Sunday, November 26, 10:28 PM

Last update from me before I go under the knife in the morning.

Saw two good Highschool friends in Marina del Rey.
Good lasagna Dave!

Thoughts on surgery.

-knock me out quick! I don’t want to remember them putting my head in the brace.-if so, I am prepared to have flashbacks to the 2nd grade of the dreadful “headgear” classmates I saw once in awhile.

My friend dave mentioned “amnesia” meds they may give me to “forget stuff”. I won’t mind that if I ever wake up during the drilling.

I have other thoughts that I choose not to put here.

For the next few days -starting at about 8am tomorrow-when I am down and out. Eric Lorenzo-good friend will be doing updates throughout surgery.
I believe a nurse will be giving hourly updates.

See you Wednesday or Thursday!

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