WoW. YOUR NoT My FATHER>>>>>>>>!!!!!

I have gone a month and about 4 days without playing WoW.  I do not miss it.  To tell you the truth, my trip to El Salvador was probably the reason, since I could not play it down there and was busy with other things alot more lively.  T’was busy with CDS., used to live with them for six years in mid 90s, like a second family and was cool seeing old brothers and sisters.

So for you that want to quit but are in deep, just leave the country.
Or make it impossible for yourself to play at all, go hitchike to California or something.
It seems, like quitting smoking, if one can get past the 3 week mark of not “doing it”. “It”, loses its power over you.

What you think..temptation just to login to my account, start farming and sell it, I think I got 20k and 3 massive twinks. 29 hunter, ya the tauren.. 29 pally, and 39 rogue, ya the one with the cateyegoggles.  I also got a copy of that darn last expansion, collectors edition, unopened, I was hoping to keep to get more cash down the road, to go towards a bike, but I do not want to be a WoW slave anymore.

Marathon in about 5 days.

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