Friday, November 03, 2:54 PM –

Yesterday I talked with Dr. Jho’s assisstant and they request actual “Film” xrays of the MRI.

I picked those up today. The resolution and angles are so much more clear. I was thumbing through all 15-25 angles of film, and came across what looked like a DOG XRAY, WTF is that! I said to myself, I then recognized that it was some Baby that the hospital had gotten mixed in with my xrays.

I called the hospital to ask them what the little baby was doing in my MRI set. They aplogized without an explanation. I felt sorry for the lil runt as I shredded them here at work.

I then found the MRI image I was looking forward to seeing, and found it. It was unerving to see it there -an easter egg in my head near my cerebellum.


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