Monday, December 04, 1:59 PM – marco

Spent long time in shower.


was finally able to piss in the shower.
imagine that guys, not pissing in the shower for a week~! I hope this post doesn’t cause partner arguments.
I also tried to let my mind “go there” the subject that always pops into our heads in order to propagate the species. I was able to cognitively grasp concepts and images, but no connection “downstairs” still.

Since my cognitive powers were back I started to overly analyze the word “BOOB” and came to the conclusion that it visually represents the curves of a woman more than the word “breast”., Just move the letters around in the prior word and you’ll see what I mean.

It was a cognitive tuning shower.

I do remember trying to force myself to think about sex to see if my mind was intact too, about 12 hrs out of surgery.-I had thrombo socks on still, an auto BP cuff on my right arm-inflating every hr, artery/IV leads in my hands and feet+ Catheter *(((

Ok–“so here it goes”, my thought processes on “that subject” started to churn through me, at first calm..a breast walking on the yellow brick road waving at me, a butterfly on a flower, ice cream, then I was attacked with visual images that wouldn’t stop, round breasts, square breasts, triangle breasts, then a pair of spinning pinwheel breasts charging me, that made vertigo start-, I was flailing on the bed like a fish outta water,

I may have called the nurse and accidentally turned Jerry Springer on at that time I don’t know. woowoohoowoo, clock arms fast motion, puking over the bed into a pan I was almost breaking against the bedrail. Then all of a sudden nurse Glenda coming in at around 4am? “Would you like to be given a bath”? @#$% my imagination, but instead she was stating it was time to take the catheter out in tagalog or english I don’t remember, BREATHE DEEP,

I think “breathe deep” is a nurse trick because when you “breathe deep” it pushes your diaphragm down-which probably pushes on your bladder-I glanced down thinking, Heck I am pissing a molten iron, (add your own visual+pain) I pissed until the molten iron finally came out-about 8 inches maybe above my “u know what”.
Perhaps the mind or God tells you that “you are not to think about SEX until your mind gets done healing other areas of your body.

Nerve connections>
The last 2 days at the hospital I would close my eyes and have a visual impression of a macrolense photo of an orange peel, with the pores and stuff, then porcupine quills would shoot out from the pores,
That played in my head for about 3 days in different contexts and designs.

in my deaf left ear, of course I don’t “hear” anything, but I did acutely and now randomly sense or ya, HEAR, a 60s space movie ray gun bouncing back and forth-and a piano sound of fingers slapped down on random notes every time i plugged/unplugged my good ear, accordion harmonica sounds, and like wind in a tunnel with the dimensions of the tunnel changing thus changing the swooshh tone..

I am free associating too much now and its getting disorganized. will be back later to post about this darn dog in the house


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