Monday, December 11, 6:18 PM – marco

Well I had my first onslaught of social interaction today over the course of about 3 hours.
First I left the house.
My wife Wen is helping with driving so out of her busy schedule she took the time to come home and take me to work around 2pm to talk to HR bout the scary theme called “benefits”

I am trying to see if i can qualify for some disability due to hearing loss but am afraid that LIFEWISE might not have that specific benefit for me-they have hand foot and eyeBALL loss.etc, I will battle them more on Wed.

Apparently in 2007 January my company is switching to principal where, yes of course, there will be a loss of hearing benefit, even 25% hearing loss, 50%, etc, Mine is essentially 50% but I am thinking of course that since I had my tumor taken out under another policy and hearing loss as a result:it does not fall under the Jan 1 2007 NEW POlicy FUASUKUKSFKUSFKUSFKUKFASFUASKFSFAKSUFKUSKUKUfcuk!

So after the tumor was taken out the doc said I had only about 4 months to live.
So heck, I had some time to get under that new policy, shoulda waited another 2 months,
but heck, they probably have some pre-existing condition prequalifier anyway, well i got it out because it was squishing my brain stem so much the diameter of my central canal was squished in (the tube that carries Cerebral Spinal Fluid from your head down to your ass and back)

Tackled social interaction with old coworkers and felt good, I wanted to laugh alot but couldnt because I was falling over and I look like a spaz with my face weaker on the left than on the right, I can close my left eye but only when my right eye closes so its a real pita, and its drying out.

I have been doing ebay all day too, selling stuff,
tried to take a picture of an item to sell with my digiSLR and both my eyes closed when I squinted to take it, WTF what a drag.
im going to buy some tears at the pharmacy tonight.

Heard Wen come home, but it was my friend Brian ran downstairs telling me I got a burrning pan upstairs, waddled up the stairs, all my shrimp and veggies burnt!
The shrimp shrank to the size of a black booger.
I was pissed. Fucking WoW!

Im gonna tackle an onslaught of site and sound with pirates of the caribean tonight in our “SURROUND STERO SOUND video movie room, and am tackling some deftones right now which sounds like crap
although my favorite song sounds 85% ok. still cant cry on left, this song tested that.


sorry link gone, youtube is taking over
“This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Viacom International Inc.. ”

So many damn layers to deftones music, I remember throttling myself on the above song like LOUD- lettng it shatter me, It just doesnt happen anymore, its like placing your cup under a fountain of water and instead of going right in the cup, half the stream bounces off the side lip and half goes into the container.
fkut up
or better yet, starving in a desert for water, and you see one of thoe gradeschool fountains that either shoot to the ceiling or dribble out of the metal hole-

well deftones music is like the latter type with one ear-the ones you catch your friends sucking on the metal orifice saying GROSSSS dduudde, dont do that@! but your thirstier thatn hell and you know your friend or the school bully has his slobber all over the fountain-so you have to cautiously lap up with your tougue what you can get from the dribble.
Music is not what it was to me.
hope that changes.
or my mind “rewires” to brainwash me about the past.

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