“Finished” my first Marathon yesterday. Just one of my personal goals for 2009. The second goal is a Half Iron in July.

Tiesto helped out at the end.

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I started and ended pretty much in last place I believe, with an ending time about 5:02.

I was hoping for about a 4:30 but I guess I was dreaming. I was steady and secure the whole “race” until about mile 23. I had trained up to 20 miles, but nothing had prepared me for the onslaught of pain and pace of a snail at 23. I ran the last 3 miles over about an hour I think. Crap slow and massive pain in legs.  Most frustrations came from walker runners. People would walk, I pass them, then they run past me, then walk again..then I pass them..rinse/repeat.  Twiddle Dee and Twiddle Dum from last years half Marathon seemed to be haunting me too-the female twosomes pony tails that gossip and chuckle the whole way through the race.  Most of the walker runners were made up of them.  Thumbs up for my friend Brian offered race support along the way by doing a shirt change and dropping a banana and some powerade in front of me along the path.

At this event one is allowed to listen to music so between mile 1 and 6 I mellowed the race anxiety with some dead can dance. From Mile 6 to about 18-I think I overdoes myself on a little too much Iron Maiden, for the long haul between 18 and 26.2=Tiesto.  In hindsight I probably should have kicked some harder music in at about mile 3.

The last Mile I was somewhat encouraged by a gal that booked passed me, had shoulders bigger than my legs. I felt like I was cruising even though I knew it was turtle stylie.

Crossed the line to an uneventful greeting of three girls waiting with surgical gloves to take my timing band off. All and all I was happy with my performance of not dehydrating. At home I was surprised by what the Marathon had secretly given me as a gift. A cherry flavored lollipop on my left foot. I also had literal salt build up on my body, as in saltine cracker salt on my forehead, as in salt you could sprinkle on a salad.Imagine salt grind between your butt cheeks for 26 miles, ya like Sand Paper. no me like.

1st Marathon completed pix in the foto page.


Pluggin along at about mile 5. Twenty one miles to go!

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