I completed my 2nd Olympic size Triathlon this morning. I will post my times and pix soon.

I was about last place I believe because I had a flat tire about a mile into the bike. My sister and father and wife came out to cheer me on. I felt proud in finishing my 2nd one! My only goal this year was for 1 olympic. which I did in Chelan. I now need to realize that these are incremental goals and I cannot slack off between races. It cost me this one and I felt it on the bike and run.

Apple Capitol Triathlon Website here. My chelanman Olympic was 02:58:05.8.

I think the flat tire did not help..

Final Time: 03:23:56.4

1 Swim 00:38:59.000
2 T1 00:02:05.100
3 Bike 01:39:18.900
4 T2 00:00:26.800
5 Run 01:03:06.600

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