Nogg-aholic Harvey

These ultimate WoW movies helped me loosen the chains.  They both contrast eachother in tone and affect as you will see, kinda like the devil on the right shoulder and, the angel on the left.  Harvey actually commits virtual WoW suicide.  Pretty sad if you’ve ever lived inside a MMORPG.  You can dl a better rez vid of Harvey’s on the right if you are interested in the speech bubbles.  Make sure you watch it till the end.

After viewing these movies and being tired ofraiding, I started pushing the woworld reality so as to not feel enslaved to my guild.  There was freedom within the world through exploration of Caverns of Time, Troll Camp in Winterspring, sneak into ZG,  Hyjal, etc. before they “opened” the zones.
The wallwalking vid was dopefish’ last vid I believe.
-Thanks Dopefish and Harvey

Nogg-aholic the Movie
(turn it up)

Harvey’s Wonderful World of Warcraft

Last Wallwalk

Esta pelicula más la de Harvey, me ayudó quitar las cadenas.
Empecé de explorar el mundo y quebrar leyes.
Gracias Dopefish.
-Veneno Dulce-

y por supuesto..

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