My name is Marco. This is a blog dedicated to my goal of accomplishing IronMan in 2010,  ridding myself of a tumor in 2006 and shedding my WoW life to join real life again after playing it since it came out in 2004. If I have the time, I will translate it into Spanish.

In 2006, probably during my height of hard core WoW “raiding”, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor called a Vestibular Schwannoma (or acoustic neuroma).

The first thing I thought was, “Shit!, how am I going to get my felheart horns now“! After numerous runs of Molten Core and building up “dkp”, I was more sad about not getting my felheart set than realizing I could croak.

The second thing that I thought of was the 1990 movie Total Recall. A Rebel leader named Kuato helped Arnold save mars. During that scene I remember I was laughing my ass off and in tears. I even dropped my popcorn.

Even though Kuato was a good character, he creeped the shit out of me. I decided to nickname my tumor Kuato in order to bring humor (tumor) to a serious situation and using Kuato as a metaphor in my voyage to quit WoW.  Eventually I hope that the word Kuato will become a metaphor for addictions, as in, “Dude, I gotta get my $#@! together, I gotta drops some kuatos in my life.”, or, “Hey bro, you’ve got a kuato growin on your back with that drinking habit”, etc etc.

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