My WoW Hx

Well crap, where do I begin…TBC. To Be Continued..The Burning Crusade …

Ok, well, 2004, I had just started HL2 since I was a major FPS fan, that fix had started with the unreal series in 2000, the infamous “DM-Bathroom”, offering endless nights of deathmatching with friends.(oh yes the sniper rifle on the toilet roll elevator, then jumping into the toilet). A total Blast.

It looks like the PS3 remade the original map but it maintains same flavor

Unreal gave me the feeling of being small in an immense world. A great prep for my MMO future. At about this time a friend had turned me onto the cheesy MMO Ultima Online.

I was enthralled with the interaction until I tried to join a guild or whatever they were called in UO. Three characters with skulls on, came up to me in game and said, “want to join our group”. I said, “sure guys sounds cool”. They told me. “Kill yourself now”. I did in game.  They then said, “burn your body”, “eat it”, or something like that. I found myself doing all to be part of the group.  They left I think calling me names.

I left MMOS, tried Diablo a bit, the cow level and all that crap, then in 2004, decided to do Beta WoW with a friend.


The coolest part was when WoW, “ended” the world. Giant chickens and such killing everyone.

I could not wait to play. I had no previous large MMO such as many probably reading this blog, no EQ, nada.

I leveled to 50 on my gnome lok and got invited to a Guild. Our first was Boss Onyxia. When we downed her after various attempts during the 40 man raid, one could hear over teamspeak the numerous shouts of joy and exaltation. During raids, MC, BWL, AQ, from about 5pm to 12 midnight, 3-5 days a week.  I was scraping through MC to get my Felheart set still, and we had already taken Nefarian in BWL, and the twins in AQ when I got notice of my tumor. When we started Naxx,  I had a blowup with an officer and /gquitted over the infamous, “not being prepared for raiding”-gathering herbs or whatever my slave role was. It was then I noticed that WoW had just become another job. I noticed my anger with WoW and group dynamics started to match my enjoyment of it.  I was an irritable asshole to my wife too. When BC came out in December of 2006, I was so pissed I “got rid” of my account.

I stayed dry for about 3 months, then was curious what WoW sounded like with one ear.  I started an undead priest, (disc) and loved it.  I then knew I never wanted to RAID or Guild again, so I started to use a hack called GLIDER, which was a kick in the pants. I got banned after about 6 months. When Lich King came out, I had already glided another lok to 70, and 2 twinks, a 29 Hunter, and a 39 Rogue.  I played them and saved up to 20k, just farming, ahing, and doing instances. I then left for an extended trip out of the country.

and have not entered the country of WoW since…


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