Movie of my Surgery

Dr. Shahinian used an Endoscopic camera to film the resection of Kuato. (Acoustic Neuroma). The tumor was pressing against my cerebellum and making my central canal smaller. Dr. Shahinian told me I had about three months left before I started falling down, to crawl towards death. The central canal carries cerebral spinal fluid up and down your spine and bathes your brain in it. The cerebellum controls heart rate, breathing, etc. In other words, the CPU of the computer.

Filmed November 2006 @ The Brotman Hospital Culver City.

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  1. dar says:

    My husband has NF2. diagnosed at 55. His only symptom was tennitus in the beginning. He had surgery and they removed the largest one on his right side, leaving him deaf on that side. Lots and lots of side effects from surgery, and had we known we we know now, he wouldn’t have opted for the surgery. (He had thyroid cancer at 19) He has only 40%s hearing in his good ear. 🙁 At 71, unlikely he will have surgery unless it becoms life threatening. Just saying. Good luck to you!

  2. admin says:

    Keep me posted on how the surgery goes. I am starting to notice that being unilateral, it has affected my speech. I went to a speech therapist, they ran a bunch of tests, but could not give me anything definite. I suppose like being 100% deaf, affects speech, I guess that being 50% would affect it too right?
    Thanks for visiting my site and good luck to your husband!

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