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Well sales person mentioned that FELT has not been getting ahold of him and that the only way I can get ahold of FELT is through a FELT dealer..False.

Slowtwitch forums put me in touch with superdave, a top FELT rep.

He started some fires I think and gave me the 2 sales reps my dealer is “dealing with”.

So hopefully I will getting a call soon.

Been slowly getting into swimming at least every other day, and re-aranging sleeping times. bed to 830, up at 5. Heading to Denver, then to Tampa soon.

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I have put money down on the Felt B12 2010.

Dealer says should be here first week of Nov…hopeso..

And yes I know how frustrating it is for you googlers out there to get just a basic search item like this on the 2010 felt B12.  Will post more info soon.


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Well, ran 10 miles the other day.  Used orthotics the whole way and felt stable. Sore muscles for about 3 days.  Need to be consistent.  Ordered an IM training book off of Amazon.

anyway, had a heart stress test due to some chest pain and tingling in my arm.  Nurse calls today.  Reports that perfusion is fine but scheduled me an echocardiogram due to the possibility of having an enlarged left ventricle.

So a googling I a go on that subject, and found this scary abstract on sudden cardiac arrest titled, “Ventricular Premature Beats in Triathletes: Still a Physiological Phenomenon?”

I suppose it would be best to die during an IronMan instead of at a computer desk  while blogging.

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Last minute sign up a week before this event, had not worked out in over a month due to hunting season. Did ok regardless at a steady pace coming in at 2.18. Great scenery at the base of the Cascade Mountains.

 leavenworth 09

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2.10. “The loop”. Been creeping back after 1.5 months rest.

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