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Tuesday, November 28, 11:57 AM – Eric

Marco has been having vertigo this morning which has making him naseous. They gave him some medication to stop him from heaving but it also knocked him out again. We’re all hoping the vertigo, which is an expected side effect, isn’t going to be a lingering one.

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Monday, November 27, 10:14 AM – Eric

Hi everyone, this is Marco’s friend Eric. I’m here in LA to be with Marco and Wen and his parents.

Wendy let me know that Marco finally fell asleep. We all thought things got started at 7am but apparently he needed more time to be knocked out.

His surgery should be underway and we’ll update you as things go.

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Monday, November 27, 4:58 AM

Really the last post b4 the operation.
Decided to check my email..

I got a very important email from “maaeu folarintumo”

Dear Friend,

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I wish maaeu would mail me at a more convenient time.

off to the hospital!

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Sunday, November 26, 10:28 PM

Last update from me before I go under the knife in the morning.

Saw two good Highschool friends in Marina del Rey.
Good lasagna Dave!

Thoughts on surgery.

-knock me out quick! I don’t want to remember them putting my head in the brace.-if so, I am prepared to have flashbacks to the 2nd grade of the dreadful “headgear” classmates I saw once in awhile.

My friend dave mentioned “amnesia” meds they may give me to “forget stuff”. I won’t mind that if I ever wake up during the drilling.

I have other thoughts that I choose not to put here.

For the next few days -starting at about 8am tomorrow-when I am down and out. Eric Lorenzo-good friend will be doing updates throughout surgery.
I believe a nurse will be giving hourly updates.

See you Wednesday or Thursday!

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