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Sunday, November 19, 12:50 PM

WEll I dowsed myself in heavy music today to grasp the full on feeling of loosing hearing in one ear.

The music of Choice was Weezer.
Song: Say it isn’t so.
Solid Guitars and Riffs.

I tried to turn the balance up on the left side, but still didn’t balance out.

I blasted it so loud out my PC that I had my good right ear ringing.

I will miss 100% Weezer.

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Monday, November 06, 11:43 AM

Today I was listening intensely and finding the intricacies of hearing loss I have by Blowing my mind with some SOUNDGARDEN. The song was Burden in My Hand and is meant to be played LOUD as is all their songs. I kinda freaked when I heard Chris Cornell say a lyric that included the word TUMOR. *(


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Friday, November 03, 3:33 PM

For now I am saying goodbye to what hearing I have in my left ear.

I hunted all of September with Bow, and October with rifle.

I would sit down and listen to the high pitched birds or that damn squirrel shrill that alarms others that you are in the woods. Wind in the trees too.

I would cover my right ear and barely hear high pitches in my left. Sound direction, cracking branches etc, hard to discern location.

I am having my wife whisper in my “bad ear” at night to say goodbye to that because after the operation-I will be deaf in the left where the tumor is.

I have a week long White Tail Deer Hunt coming up, and I want to have my left ear say goodbye to that experience also. Looking forward to wisecracks and jokes around the fire with my cuz.

I think Mostly I will miss listening to IRON MAIDEN in stereo.

Stereo Maiden to Mono Maiden-wtf is that.


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