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Heading tomorrow morning to Seattle to run the infamous Rock and Roll series. Going to take it easy though and plan a time perhaps of 5:30, 5:45.

..and I admit, Thriller was my favorite album back in 1983, ya even more than Iron Maiden’s Piece of Mind.

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Busted outta bed this morning to hightail it to the CDL city park and registered in the volunteer line. I had volunteered in T1 swim/bike area and had first dibs on registering.
Now all I need to do is train my a$$ of and try and pay off the Visa, 575$ registration fee!!!

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Swam about 90% of the IM swim loop this morning, but was cut off early due to a kayak person waving and yelling “course closed”!
-Bought a Zoot swim hoodie. (for cold water swims in my home town river current
-Got volunteer shirt and wrist band for T1 Bike transition.
Main goal tomorrow morning is to guide athletes after the swim towards there bike if they are disoriented.
Will sign up for IM 2010 Monday. Volunteers get first dibs.

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I “finished” my third Olympic Tri with a time of about 3 hrs.

The changes on my bike design with the seat post and head post forward preserved some of my leg muscles for the run and I felt great at about mile 2 of the 6 mile run. Thanks Jason!

I won 3rd to last place in the men, women, and “clydesdale division.

The swim was probably the toughest since I had not trained that much in swimming over the winter or spring. Many passed me on the bike. the run too. Over the 6 mile run, I was able to only pass two others, and it took me a creepy crawly pace to even pass them!

More pix here. scroll down to Olympic Moses Lake 2009.

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Holy Hot as heck today. Ran 10 mile loop. /ahem, I mean ran 5 and walked about 5. Dipped my shirt and hat in the river 2x to stay cool. Lost 3 pounds from that “run”. Afternoon is the worst time to run during the summer. But great time to “train the mind”.

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