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Am going to start a lok on a pve server. Will start using a bot program to run him. If I get banned, who g’s a f. Will keep up to date progress and times leveling.


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Have not had any WoW Delirium Tremens. Been sober about 3 weeks now. There is part of me that wants to cram level my hunter up to Level 70 and make a engine copter, yet I will see if I can at least clean up around the house.

About 1.5 yrs into WoW (from beta 04) I started feeling a bit controlled by not only the game, yet by the group dynamics of doing “high end” with these guys.

I then /g quitted, dropped out of the group and started exploring. I found out about the troll village in winterspring and exploring Caverns of Time, and dying and rezzing on the other side of Hyjal-all pre-BC, and I had a blast. I wasn’t farming for mats for the “team” for raids anymore. I also found two vids that helped me tremendously. Noggenfogger was the bomb. I will post about this stuff later. @ the time I left the guild it was a weight off my shoulders and I was reminded of one of my favorite Maiden songs…The Prisoner!

Then I made some alts. “Got rid” of the account *) and took a 2 month break. But….went to prepay cards (healthier) and started a spriest (with one ear now), thenĀ  a hunter alt. Mostly BG stuff, no high end, and not falling for the temptation either. The BG rush though is hard to tame, as seen how fun ass this crap can be.

As in, same fever you got as an 8th grader that hit the winning basket as the buzzer goes off, except in WSG, when you do something awsome, the wow players across the world can’t hold you on their shoulders and tromp you around the gymnasium shouting for he’s a jolly good fellow…the feeling of exaltation is the same…yet it’s all virtual..

I caught the guy on the horde's stage right side. Returned the flag. WIN!

Me in the middle getting ready for AB.

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Looks like this movie has made it to Webby Nominees for a Toyota Tacoma Advertisement.

I have been WoW dry for about 2 weeks.

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Getting really burned out on wow. Went hardcore from 04 to 06 with a gnome lok.
Sold her.
Cut back.

Then started a spriest. Recently rerolled a hunter. When the frustration with the “game” *) matches or supersedes the fun. Time to jam.



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